Welcome to With Max & Me.

Lined with cherry blossom trees, Leura Mall sits in the heart of the picturesque village of Leura. Historic buildings painted in heritage colours are filled with wonderful cafes, galleries & boutiques. With Max & Me is a specialty retail store with a strong focus on Australian artisans and designers, many from the Blue Mountains region. The warm ambience of the shop, glimpsed through the open window, will invite you in to explore the creative talents of these fine artisans. There is a diverse range of gifts and homewares including jewellery, glassware, pottery, soft furnishings, clothing and seasonal decorations.

Leura Breathe

Leura is more than shopping on Leura Mall. Here, you can breathe. Breathe the fresh air as you experience the mountains, the wonderful dining options and snuggling down in one of the many beautiful accommodations. Be inspired to visit the area by seeing what Leura has to offer.

Leura – beautiful for a day or a short break