From artistic to refined, our jewellery ranges are all handcrafted by wonderfully inspired artisans. When you choose a handcrafted piece of jewellery made with love and care by an artisan, you get a unique keepsake each time. Each piece has its own wonderful character.
There are many different techniques and types of jewellery found in our store with silversmiths fabricating fine pieces of jewellery or using the lost wax technique to create beautiful sculptural pieces or used as settings for hand cut and polished opals. We have stunning beaded jewellery where the beads have been handcrafted from glass, in both lampworking and recycled styles, or funky pieces made with polymer and felt. Hand-strung necklaces featuring beautiful pearls or antique beads collected from around the world may take your interest. Stunning pendants crafted from stone, resin or featuring Indigenous artworks can be found in our jewellery display as well as a large selection of brooches made from silver, felt, polymer, resin, artworks and leather.

Where to find us.

Located just over 100 kilometres west of Sydney, Leura perfectly captures the spirit of the Blue Mountains, with stunning streetscapes, heritage buildings, glorious gardens, luxury accommodation, spectacular scenery and a beautiful main street.